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For a granted wish, ask permission of the willow. 

Select a pliable shoot and tie a loose knot in it while expressing what you want. When the wish is fulfilled, return and untie the knot. Thank the willow profoundly and leave a gift. 

Beware for ungratefulness will bring the wrath of the fey!

Contributed by neoquixote:

Put 3 candles in the highest place you have at home inside a plate with sugar surrounding them. Ask for 3 wishes from the 3 archangels, St. Raphael, St Michael and St Gabriel. Ask for one wish for business, one for love and one impossible wish.

Then publish the spell on the third day after you requested the wishes by placing a newspaper classified ad, to express your thanks to the saints or by emailing or writing to another person; then wait and see what happens on the fourth day!!!

As you are using candles so close to the roof or ceiling, please check on how they are burning from time to time, unless your wish for love involves dating a firefighter!