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Clairvoyant Briar (for clairvoyant dreams):

Need: Petals of briar, fresh or dried; two teaspoons of boiling water.

Steep two teaspoons of rose petals in one cup boiling water.  Cover and let stand for five minutes.  Drink at bedtime.


To promote clairvoyance with Eyebright:

In a tightly covered pot, brew a handful of eyebright leaves and blossoms in a pint of water. Let this stand overnight.  Store the liquid in a tightly sealed container away from sunlight and head, but do not keep in the refrigerator. Drink 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 cup of spring water or tea.

To dream of your future spouse:

Pick nine leaves of Holly on a Friday night at midnight and place them carefully in a three-cornered handkerchief, concealing it under your pillow.  The charm is only assured of success if absolute silence is maintained between the second the leaves are gathered and the first light of dawn.

Will the courtship last?

If a boy writes the name of his girlfriend on the back of a laurel leaf with a pin and the markings turn red after the leaf has been carried for a short time, the courtship will be successful.

To dream of your future spouse II:

On St. Luke's Day (the 18th of October), make a salve of marigold, thyme, wormwood, marjoram, honey and white vinegar.

Anoint your breasts, hips and stomach while lying down on the bed.  Repeat the following lines three times:

St. Luke, St. Luke, be kind to me
In dreams let me my true love see.

A Clairvoyant bath - medieval lore

Bathe in water containing verbean. This enables you to see into the future and grant every wish you make.

Note: be careful what you wish for.  If you are even in doubt on wishing, go read the Monkey's Paw.

Speaking of medieval spells there is one to see your future mate. 

Done on the eve of Beltane. It involves going to a well and giving a gift, usually jewelry to the Goddess Fand. Then you are supposed to have a dream about your future mate that night. Which is why so much jewelry is found at the bottom of wells. :)

submitted by Seri