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Burdock Cleansing with a Mop:  Clean your house and ward off negativity, too!

Got some burdock?  That would be Arctium Lappa for you herbalist types.

If you're feeling your house needs a good spiritual cleansing as well as a floor scrub, steep a handful of burdock in a bucket of water for washing your floors!  This wards off negativity, purifies, and protects.


Blackthorn Banishment:

Need:  The thorns of a blackthorn tree, one black candle or a poppet of your enemy

Before burning the candle or poppet, attach the trouble-maker's name to it or carve it into the candle with your athame or whatever tool you ritualistically use.  Take three thorns - place one in forehead, heart and abdomen of the image, saying:

Evil, return to the one who sent thee. Me and mine are now set free. No hurt nor harm can enter here. My life and way are now made clear!

Do you know about the crossed pine branches tied with red ribbon spell?

It's really simple, you just get two branches of the Pine tree, that are still wet and green inside. You make them equal lengths, and use a red ribbon (I assume something natural light cotton would work best, although I would definitely avoid silk) to tie the branches into a plus sign, and then hang it above the door or window.  If you want to protect, on the outside of course.

~submitted by Eradea as a piece of folklore


To prevent witchcraft and the evil eye, wear and hang verbean around the house. Gather your verbean at midsummer.

Simple Shield:

  • Need: a string or salt
  • a visual image or picture of yourself

Put the picture or image on a flat surface.  Take the salt or the string and make a circle of it around you image. While doing this, envision this as a shield around you. Keep that image in the back of your mind.

A Stone Warding

Needed:  rose quartz pieces - polished, raw, big, small, doesn't matter. 

First, wash them and make sure they're in good condition (inclusions aren't an issue, cracks that aren't breaking it in two aren't an issue), then keep them with you for a week or so near where you spend most of the day.  Afterwards,  set them in corners, by doors/windows, around a room that needs "claiming", and don't move them if at all possible. 

It helps to keep stuff you don't want in the room out, and generally keep pretty calm vibes there.  Other stone types in different places as useful; can kind of "sculpt out" energy over a small area this way - Tektites are good energy-fonts, for recovering or tapping off to. Tiger's eye's good for wards, esp. for things like making stuff visible - by a door or window, can be "told" to show through illusions and whatnot on stuff coming in.  Petrified wood pieces are good for plants.

~contributed by Treasoner