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Financial Luck:

Herbs for luck include Irish moss, mugwort, and trefoil.

Being that Irish moss is also good for gaining and keeping a steady income, it would be the herb of choice for this working. But you can use the other two if you don't believe me. 

If you are to include candles, I would recommend black and white. When I do workings, I use whatever color is convenient, but if you are the type to still use colors for a focus, black is good for bindings, protections, uncrossing, and repelling negativity. White is a pure color, and I tend to consider it an all-purpose candle. It would be your luck, then. If you're trying to attract money, a third candle of silver or gold can also be used.

The third (and thus sealing) part of this charm would be your metaphysical focus. Do you pray to the gods? A luck deity, then, would be the object of your petition. There are many, but Lady Luck (an American idol) is the first always to come to my own mind. 

Be ready to make payment for your request, for like bringing water to the desert, twisting the fabrics of your world has repercussions large and small. Any luck you may have today may take away from tomorrow. Or worse, you might be wishing on a monkey's paw... so think long and carefully, be precise in your petition, and try to leave no loopholes for nasty tricks by listening pranksters.

First, light your incense and/or herb. Yeah, okay, Irish moss stinks. That's not the point, dummass. The smoke, in my own family's tradition, is the vessel that will carry your message to whomever you want to hear it. So light away, and hope it doesn't go out. In my personal superstition, when the incense goes out I am being given a cosmic "no!" You should see me argue on those days. It's never a pretty picture.

You have your incense lit. Now, light your candles one by one. As you light each one, you are bringing yourself into the circle or up to the higher plane you must achieve in order to be heard. Take your time, keep yourself wide open astrally and mentally, and remember to Listen. You might be told something before you're even done.

The candles are lit now, so make your petition. Don't know how? Revert to birthday times when you blew our your candles after making a wish then. Or to prayer. Whatever works best for you.

All done? Extinguish your candles but leave the incense burning.

You're done. Good luck.