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Love Spells
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There are those who cry "tell not the love spell, for it is the most wicked spell of all!"  After all, it interferes with freedom of will and other precious mechanisms one likes to have in order to enjoy life. 

First of all, this is not a fluffy bunny site.  The reality of it is that the Otherkin community is made up of all kinds, for good or bad, and this means that there are those who see no harm in doing a love charm or two.  BUT!  WARNING:  Sometimes they go very askew due to the conflicting interests of all parties involved. 

Love spells are one of the most numerous magicks.  In the interest of limited scrolling, this section has been subdivided.  Please, if you have something you would like to contribute to the book of shadows, contact us!

Love Spells: Cautions About Your Cauldron

Some Do's and Don'ts for the Would-be Casanova

  1. DO find someone to write this section

  2. DO write it yourself if you have to

  3. DO die of boredom



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