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Sometimes you just need a change in your life from a change of career choices to a change of your living environment.  These spells help the spirits (and you) with such things.  Use wisely and carefully.

Butterfly Spell

First, draw a caterpillar and then a butterfly each on a separate piece of paper.  Color them and cut them out if you want to.   The caterpillar is your life as it is now, while the butterfly is the symbol of the new life you wish to achieve.

Get five candles. Put one each into each corner of a room, ready to be lit.  Stand in the center, light the fifth candle and say:

I call to the powers to guide me and bring me fulfillment and opportunity.  Bring me wise sight and guidance so that I can choose wisely in the days ahead.

Place the caterpillar in the center of the room.  Pour wax from the fifth candle onto the caterpillar.  Then use that candle to light the others in turn as you say:

I call to the North: Bring newness! I call to the East: Allow the old to pass away! I call to the South: Guide me as I walk!; I call to the West: May it all be for the best.

Return to the center of the room with your first candle, put it down safely and sit with the caterpillar.  While thinking about what you would want in this change for yourself, your future, and what you would like to arise as place the butterfly over the caterpillar. This symbolizes the rise of your new life and self.

Pour wax from the last candle onto the butterfly while you say::

Four quarters plus one, my new life has begun, Four quarters plus one, My will shall be done.

Extinguish each candle in the usual way.  Put the butterfly somewhere where you can see it daily.