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Tips to the Trip

Some people who come to Kinsouth are rather new to camping, so this page is dedicated to advice on various things they would like to know.  Don't worry, there's not much to worry about if you know what to expect.

I.  Gods, this Gather thing is pretty expensive. Is there any way to cut me a deal?

As stated in another part of this website, Kinsouth is a nonprofit gather.  The hostess spends money and makes absolutely nothing in return.  However, there are several ways to save money.

1. Share camping spots.  The spots are generally small, but they can take two small tents or one big one.  If you share a tent (and many do) or share a spot with two small tents, then that cuts the costs of Kinsouth to approximately $20 the weekend for each half of your party.  Each campsite holds up to 8 people.

2. Carpool...   This helps the environment and your wallet!  The Kinsouth website has a "carpooler's page" in which people offering a ride or seeking a ride post their time frames and information.  The carpooling page is here.  If you would like to add your information to the page, click here. Be sure to mention if you need a ride or are willing to give one. 

3. Bring extra food and be willing to share.  Okay, maybe this won't help YOUR wallet.  But it helps everyone's wallet, and gives us some variety in food.  Speaking of food....

4. Bring your own firewood.  The ranger station does sell firewood for under $10 a bundle, but if you have the room why waste the money?

II.  Yeah.... What about food? Do you expect me to starve?

In a word: no.  However, the hostess can't afford to feed you all weekend.  What's more whomever is volunteering to cook for the campsite deserves to relax a little bit. Therefore, the community feast only happens as part of the Saturday ritual and you are expected to feed yourself for the rest of the time. 

In other words, bring yourself some food.  If you can't do that, then make arrangements with the people you are camping with (if you are doing so).  The campsite is also only about thirty minutes from an expensive grocery store and closer to two convenience stores.

III.  Okay, bring food for myself. Got it.  What else do I bring?

I'm glad you asked.  First, bring something to sleep in and on.  If you don't have a sleeping bag, bring plenty of pillows and blankets.  Bring a tent if you're not sharing with another person. 

Bring food.

Bring firewood, lots of firewood if you can.  The rangers do sell firewood for under $10 a bundle, but wouldn't it be nice to not have to wait until morning to buy it?

Bring things to bathe with: the campground has working showers.  Don't forget your towels and extra underwear.

Bring bug repellant. Lots of it.

It's not required, but you might also want to get an air mattress. I don't know about you, but I'm spoiled.  The ground is HARD!

Leave your bad attitudes at the door. Bad attitudes include but are not restricted to: spiting others, judging before you yourself are judged, backbiting and politicking.  Things happen to people who break this rule.

IV.  Okay, I got all that.  No problem.  Now, how do I get into this thing?

Driving directions and various helpful bits of information can be found through the links on the main page.  Just remember to reserve your space early, and have fun!