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KinSouth Swamp Gather Contact Page

Due to the ridiculously stupid amount of spam the hostess has been receiving from this page in regards to whether or not she would like an erection or to sleep with Suzie, Kim, Linda, Beth, Barbie, Holly, Jennifer, and any number of their girlfriends, the contact form has been taken down.  If you are coming to Kinsouth, please email the web mistress and let her know the following:

  • Who the hell you are.
  • How many in your party
  • Which site you will be staying at
  • ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • If you are donating to the Saturday feast, what will you be bringing?
  • And if you like cheese. 

You can find the hostess' email on any number of pages in this section of - but for obvious reasons you won't find it here.  Thank you.