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What Happens and When?

Ha! You want a schedule of events?!?!  We're talking OTHERKIN here, are you insane?  Well, okay, I'll admit we have some semblance of order amidst the chaos.  Here is what usually happens:

Friday: People arrive, they greet, they meet, they do whatever. This year will be a full moon throughout the entire gather: the opening ritual will be powerful indeed!

Saturday: In the morning, people sleep.  In the afternoon, they do anything from talk, to hold workshops, to sleep. This night is the Weekend Thingie.

Sunday:  In the morning, people sleep.  In the afternoon.. well, you get the picture.  Then the REAL magic begins... the main ritual happens here.  And.. the BIG GAME.

Monday::  In the morning, people pack to leave, they talk, they eat breakfast. On this day, there is a semi-traditional thing of meeting someplace and eating a lunch meet before people depart for their homes. This is not a mandatory thing, but it does make the parting a lot more friendly and lends fond memories.

If you would like to lead a workshop or help with the ritual or Big Game, contact Spearcarrier via email or use the gather contact form.





The opening ritual: storytelling and warnings abound.  Just remember: Kinsouth cares for itself. Nightfall


Saturday afternoon feast: we snack on what everyone brought! 3:00 PM, Otherkin time

The year's game is Ninja Burger. You are instructed to see Saraen for further information upon arriving at the campsite.



Eat together someplace. Dunno where. Noon.
And then we go home.  

It should be noted that rollercoaster rides and other metaphysical game activities will be happening interspersed as opportunity arises......