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Let me in!  I wanna be part of the cool crowd!

No problem.  Registration is easy.  Here's how you do it.

  1. First, remember to register early!  The entire park is not reserved for Kinsouth alone.  We will be reserving our own areas and finding each other as we go. The hostess tries to reserve Lot 16 for herself every year: this is right by the playground AND safeguards the ritual/stage area for use.  This is also where most people tend to gather, hang out, and where the Big Game occurs.

  2. Step one: Go to the state park website for Little Talbot Island and register. You may need a credit/debit card to do so. If you do not have a credit/debit card, you may contact the hostess and make arrangements to register a site under her name.

  3. Step two: RSVP once you have registered your lot!  If you don't, any number of strange things might happen.  The hostess might not know who the hell you are and won't come to greet you when she arrives, for example.  It's also important to let the hostess know how many people are coming.  Also, the hostess has a chat with the rangers EVERY YEAR over who she is and is not expecting.  Why? To keep bums from sneaking in, of course. She's willing to work with you as much as she can, but party crashers are unfair to the rest of the group and may get the gather banned from the park.

This year, the hostess paid approximately $65 for her spot.  This is for three nights and for days.  You don't have to come the entire weekend; you can come for only one night and save money. The choice is yours... but don't wait until too late!

Please don't RSVP to say you're not coming.  As much as we like you, we don't care if you're not coming.  We only care if you are.

Remember, if you're coming PLEASE RSVP THE HOSTESS at  If you know, tell her where you will be camped and how many are in your party.  This is a registration required event.