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Alien types and some miscellaneous info

This page is dedicated to the extra-terrestrial "visitors"; the types mankind has classified them into, some of their known practices, history and anything else that might be relevant.  It should be noted that as far as anyone knows to this date, no "visitor" has ever said to their abductees, "Hi there. I'm your friendly neighborhood Grey here to take your blood." 

Although some "visitors" have explained where they were from and hinted at who they consider themselves to be during contact sessions and similar incidents, their personal "race" names or anything similar still remain a mystery to us. In fact, beyond consequential evidence there is no real "proof" that any of the reported specie below are real.  All data is observed through contactee and abductee experience - this means that if anything below is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a hoax it will be removed.  Until then, we shall keep our minds open and our eyes to the stars. 

This page is set up like a newspaper: each alien "article" is in columns.  Be sure you've read the entire entry before going to the next description or you might end up confused!


 It is not known for sure if all aliens with "grey skin" are working together as part of a single movement, but evidence does suggest this.  Due to the lack of understanding and information regarding the various types of Grey, they will be put here as a lump society until an undetermined date.

Greys are the most famous alien in known Ufology.  A lot has been documented about them over the years.  Countless films of their ships and even interviews with actual Greys circle the web; some even claim to have been smuggled from Area 51 and other secret government facilities.

The Greys have earned this title because of their greyish pigmentation.  The polite term for them is "Reticulan" because this is where they originally claimed to be from.  Ever since Earth looked in that sector and found no stars, the story has changed so that they now claim to be from somewhere else.

Generally, their entire form is humanoid in shape.  They have very thin arms and legs; there are no reports of "fat" or "muscular" Greys.  Outwardly, they have minimal facial features compared to humans although this varies from class to class. The size of their brainpan is approximately twice to three times as that of a human, but their necks are very strong and positioned to accommodate for the weight.  Overall, they resemble humanoid bees. 

Their noses and mouths are very tiny compared to humans and they seem to have no facial muscles for emotional communication - the degree of this difference also varies from class to class.  No one has reported them to have ears. Their language is mostly telepathically based.  They reportedly reproduce through cloning and seem to have no need for making waste or eating organic food. No pure-bred children have been observed, although many hybrid children have visited their human mothers.

They are very sensitive to bright light and weak against Earth disease. The absence of clothing also does not seem to be the taboo that it is in many human cultures.

The autopsy report from Roswell stated that they appear to be a mixture of plant and animal; the doctor did not know what to make of the internal organs and other things that he witnessed.

Their social structure seems to be similar to a beehive with various regions falling under different "home areas" for different types of Grey.  There are several classes in Grey society; these classes function in specific roles and have been sighted working together numerous times.  They have a tiered society with each class being genetically "fit" for the role that they serve.  The job a Grey is "born" into ranges from slave classes and extends to leadership.  There is no documentation as to whether a Grey can work his or her way up or down the social ladder.

There are reports that Type A and Type C Greys come from a singular "root race" in a sector in space that does not visit Earth.  This Root Race has the ability to breed and, according to some reports, act as the breeders while the Type A and Type C Greys act as worker bees by going into the cosmos and performing their various duties.  There is no evidence to support this, despite the circumstantial "beehive" tiered social structure already observed by abductees and contactees.

Theologically, they hold science and "world subterfuge" as prime directives.  The Grey sciences that have been observed by humans largely deals with breeding, evolution, DNA, and the study of life in general.   Many believe they also played a part in human evolution and are still working under that agenda.

TYPE A:  This is the most commonly-recorded type and is the one originally thought to come from the Zeta Reticulan star system (or the Bernard star) which neighbors the Orion area. On Earth, their best known bases are in New Mexico and Nevada.

They can stand approximately four to four and a half feet tall with thin limbs and very large "wrap around" black eyes.  Their facial features are extremely limited with no apparent nose.

Genetically, they seem to be based on insect life-forms although they are currently rumored to be inter-lacing their DNA matrix with other species in the galaxy.  Reports state that they are a "dying race" due to over-cloning (and the resulting weakening of the protein enzymes that hold the DNA lace matrix together) and seek to strengthen their stance - *cough* I mean "chance of survival" - through inter-racial grafting.

Their social sub-structure is extremely rigid and they appear to serve in a military-type capacity.  Of all the Grey types, this type seems to be the ones in charge of the Grey reproduction and DNA manipulation department. If you want your children to be blonde with purple eyes, you might have to submit your request in triplicate to the Type A leader.

They also are reputed to serve the reptilians.  It used to be claimed that they were quite enjoying the freedom they found on Earth away from their reptile masters and that by the mid-1990's they hoped to have human help in achieving the ultimate freedom as well as are preparing the Earth for the arrival of their lords - but those days have passed and things have only gotten more complicated.  It is difficult to say if this part of the report is real or made up on the part of humans. Many humans perceive them as lacking emotion and can be cruel to their human subjects.  Reportedly, they can take a human life without feeling remorse.  They are also not known to hug, kiss, or be thrilled to see one another.

Recreationally, they are reported to enjoy such things as drinking human body fluids to obtain what we humans would normally call "a high".  Extracting fluid from part of the human brain during intense emotion is provided as the ether with which they achieve this result.

Type A Greys are divided into two sub-classes of their own, and it might be that the Type A Greys are a race unto themselves working with the other types of Grey but are not necessarily a fixed part of a larger social structure.

  • Type A-1 are described as "hawkish" and have a more crude and abrupt behavior pattern. 
  • Type A-2 have adopted a more refined manner - possibly in order to better interact with humans and the other specie - and lean on diplomacy to get their point across or to get something done.  They are also known as the "Orange" class of Grey.

TYPE B:  Perceived as less vicious (but are still "hostile") to humans than the Type A, these claim to hail from Orion.  Their main bases seem to be in the Aleutian Islands, but they have also been sighted in Eastern Russia.  Another term for them is "EBEN" or "EBAN".

They can stand anywhere from eight to nine feet in height.  Their facial features are similar to the Type A but have large noses - how large compared to humans is not known at this time.  Socially, they influence their will through political connections and negotiations with people who are in power. In fact it is rumored that a series of diplomatic agreements were made between these Greys and the American government (among others) during the 1950's, 60's and 70's.  It can be logically concluded that political functions fit into their role, but more information is needed.

In relation to human beings, they are more benevolent towards humans than the other Greys.  They are also heavily into genetic engineering and experimentation on humankind.

Many see them as so technologically advanced, they can perform miracles.

It is not quite known if the connection many make between them and the "large-nose Grey" reptilian is solid or a coincidence.

TYPE C:  These claim to come from Bellatrax, a star system located near the shoulder of our Orion constellation system.

Their hostility towards humans is equal to the Type A.

It is rumored that they are of the same "root race" as that of the Type A with very similar facial features.  They are the shortest of the classes, standing approximately three and a half foot tall.

My conclusion is that the Greys are walking, talking bees.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  Besides, part of me just kind of knows.  Please don't steal my theory without giving me credit.  I thought of it first, yo.  July 2007



One of the most rarely-spotted visitors, they are described as having a "preying mantis" appearance.  They are reported to wear robes, usually dark purple in color, with the traditional "Marks" on the outside.  They are generally taller than other, more humanoid visitors with the shorter ones standing at average human heights.  Rumor has it they're brown with a green sheen, have three leg joints, and no one has enough time to count their eye facets before getting eaten... or something. From human perspectives, they are usually considered very ugly and frightening.

Socially, they live in a highly ritualistic society with a ritual for everything. If they had teeth, they probably would have a ritual designed especially for preparing their tooth brush.  They also stand by keeping their word to the tiniest detail. If you're under a contract you don't like, these are the guys who invented the word 'loop-hole'.  Or so I'm given to understand.  What would I know - I'm not an Insectoid.

Generally they are regarded as having very cruel habits with abductees laying claims of rough treatment at their claw-tips. 

They are sometimes sighted alone but have also been reported as working with the Nordics, Reptilians and Greys.  Their Titles are usually "doctor" and "leader", although the context needed for further understanding of what that means precisely remains missing.



Tolkien must have been thinking about these aliens when he wrote The Lord of the Rings, because when it comes to being "elfish" these guys take the cake.  Fair, blonde, and from the stars the Pleiadians are one of the most humanoid of visitors.  They are largely blonde and fair in complexion, although a few of them have been noted to have brunette shades of hair.  Their hands (if not the rest of them) have a finer bone structure with more flexibility.  The other parts of them also look completely  human - but then again they claim that Earth humans are related to them in close and intimate ways.  For example, lonely men are apparently molested and sexually enticed by them on occasion with one event leaving three blonde hairs of evidence that, once analyzed, were a perfect match to an almost vanished Mongolian human genetic strain.

The Pleaidians apparently are the granddaughter race to one of the original civilizations known as Lyrians.  These days the Pleiadians and their cousins (also descendents of the original Lyrian civilization) work with the Lyrians while trying to reach out to their Earthling cousins.  Apparently if you mingle all of these people together you get a nice mix of human coloring and breeding across the galaxy much like you get with just the Earthling set of humans here.

Their homeland is claimed to be "Erra" in the area of the Seven Sisters, the stars also known as the Pleiades. There has been come debate concerning this claim due to the fact that each star of this constellation is actually part of a larger celestial system with each star being spaced far apart from each other.  Considering that the Pleiadians themselves, to my knowledge, have not given the exact coordinates to their point of origin the vastness of territory that they claim to hail from does not necessarily mean that they are liars.

Their first known point of contact for Earth was a Swedish man named Billy Meier, who presented hand-written communication "evidence" that the Pleiadians would only communicate with him due to various factors including the lack of worthy Earthlings on the entire planet.  Although he had been in contact with them beforehand through an older Nordic, the name of his famous contactee is Semjase - or rather, that is the name she said he could call her.  And only her. Because she wouldn't talk to anyone else.  You know, because he was worthy.  And with all of the attention and resources Mr. Meier was receiving from being the only worthy human on the planet and, thus, the sole prophet for these space elves why would he lie?  Regardless of whether or not he was telling the truth, he did produce some remarkable photography - much of which has been confiscated even though the authorities claimed it was a hoax.

Since the Pleiadians reportedly withdrew from the planet in 1994, others have claimed to be in contact with with some Pleaidian or another.  Names have erupted across the UFO community and the internet, but it should be noted that each of these Pleiadian contacts have only channeled their information while Billy apparently had physical contact with free spaceship rides and everything.  Even my roommate has contacted the Pleiadians - although I admit that's because I found this photograph of Semjase (above) and sent her hunting.  And I suppose that I could assume, the way Mr. Meier's followers do concerning other channeled contacts, that my roommate is lying but Semjase took one look at me and said a few things that I keep secret.... so I'm convinced.  I suppose this isn't the place to note that our contact with Semjase has not lead to Whitelighter lectures on love, the Creator and Ascension but rather down to Earth conversations that have revealed our vict-er... our contact to be someone with a suppressed sense of humor. Oh well, I just did.

Reportedly, Pleiadians live a balanced and fragile existence. Our atmosphere is unhealthy for their sinuses and thin, delicate skin.  Either that or they have severe allergies and need a specialist.  Since they explain it away by describing the "purity"of their prolonged living conditions on their spacecraft, it seems more apparent that they are prime examples of how badly separation from a healthy and natural environment can affect your immune system.

As Pleiadians live longer lives than humans on Earth, they attend school for a longer period of time and end up educated in various sciences.  The average age for a Pleiadian to finish their education is somewhere in their 70's.  The average age for those Pleiadians judged fit to be allowed to wed is 110 - Pleiadians have to pass strenuous tests in order to marry and breed.  Furthermore when it comes to giving birth, they do not believe in anesthesia as this apparently affects the infant's will power.  As strong-willed as my own two children turned out to be (thanks to an environment that nurtured it), I'm glad that I'm of the Earth variety of Lyrian descendent where it is quite okay to have painkillers.

It is apparently common for each Pleiadian to have their own garden that they personally man by hand through the use of machines - which they apparently stand around and watch do all of the work.  This is so common, in fact, that humans on Earth believe that every single Pleiadian no matter what has their own little garden.  I suppose this includes those that are on extended deep space missions or dead.

Furthermore, their mode of general existence is slightly off from our own plane and "time".  This shift generally can make them unseen so that even if you go to their home world, you won't see very many of them hanging on street corners or tending to their squash.  In order to make contact with Earthlings, they have to 'shift' to this level of existence. In the old days this was called 'stepping to the left' and was a skill attributed to supernatural beings, most specifically the Seelie courts (or elves) - who, by the way, were rarely described as anything remotely near Pleaidian in nature.  It should also be noted here that almost all of the visitors have exhibited this gift of stepping.

Also, there apparently are some wayward souls in containers (read: human bodies) here on Earth that they have been sent to retrieve. Some of these souls are criminals that were sent here as part of a massive rehabilitation program - after Earth is such a popular place, why not send criminals here, too?  Others are runaways that were forced into the nearest inhabitable place they could find.  Still others are here because they have a job to do - and in most cases wish they could quit with severance pay.

They have no need for telephones because they are telepathic.  They travel in shell-shaped craft called "Beamships" with different sizes being used for different functions.

Although it is not clear if Pleaidians are historians by nature, they at least have kept a very comprehensive record of Earth's history with Earthling evolution the most important element. This history of course only discusses their relation with Earth and the inhabitants with nothing but negative input concerning everyone else that comes here (which strangely echoes what everyone says about everyone else) so that one must wonder if this comprehensive history of Earth shouldn't be entitled "The Comprehensive History of Pleaidian to Earth Contact with very Little Else." 

Regarding the Pleaidian belief structures, they do not seem to have problems with any sort of prime directive. If they feel that Earthlings should change their ways, they are one of the first to tell you so.  The general theme is that humans need to learn to stop fighting and love one another - a very popular theme with various religious factions the world 'round.  They also have stated that humans are responsible for helping one another in this peaceful conquest so that we can grow in consciousness. 

The concept of religion (also known as the glue of society) seems to be foreign to them, yet their society is bound together by a philosophy of spirituality regarding to what they regard as a universal truth.  Unlike Earthlings, the concept of a creator-god is distasteful for them.  Meanwhile, they reportedly have gained knowledge and truth through hard work and faithful obedience to "the truth of Creation, the power of the spirit, and the Creative laws and commandments which teach pure love of all things." (reference is linked) With this spiritual rightness on their side, they reject other terrestrial "cults" as wrong due to the negative connotations involved. And of course they ultimately believe that only someone who follows the truth of the cosmos as they do can enjoy their level of spiritual wholesomeness.  But they're not religious.



No photos have been taken of this particular brand of visitor, although there has been a lot of written documentation regarding their way of life, where they might come from, speculations and claims regarding their agendas, and even how they have evolved.  One such documentation is known as the "Lacerta File" in which a female reptilian emerged from her underground home to be interviewed by a human but refused to be photographed for "religious reasons".  In reference to the Greys, they are supposedly in charge of Project Earth and why countless people across the globe have their very own personal abduction story.  It is even speculated that there is a Bush-Reptiloid connection, but this theory only contains circumstantial evidence.

They are also called "Nagas", Reptoids", "Reptons", "Homosaurus" or "Lizard-men".  Although there appear to be several different specie of reptiloids, they endlessly get lumped together under a single category of "being reptile".  There are three types of reptilians. I hope to give each their own "section" after I have enough information.

Generally standing about seven to eight feet tall, they are humanoid and come in various colors; the most dominant trait being a moldy green with a scaled crocodilian texture and wrap-around yellow eyes.  Although they are reptilian, they do not generally possess a tail although some special branches are reported to.  They are often seen wearing hoods and similar clothing.

Being reptilian, they are cold-blooded and need sunlight and other outside heat sources to stay warm.  The cold-blooded animal's temperature is always maintained slightly below that of their surrounding environment.  To maintain good health, they need a variable temperature and do not need to consume as much as a warm-blooded creature.  Reportedly, their favorite entree is the human child.

They possess highly evolved telepathic and psychic powers.  Their chief psychic "trick" is what used to be called "glamoring" but is called a holographic image today.  Apparently many Reptiloids walk among us, but we do not notice them because their mental glamour shields make us perceive them as fellow humans.  It has been asserted that despite this glamour, a camera would photograph them in their natural form but no known photographs have been taken.

Their claim is that they are the evolved descendents of the sauroids who inhabited the Earth before humankind.  (For you Sci-Fans, think West of Eden and the original Lost TV series.)  In ancient times, their ancestors based in Antarctica engaged in battle with a humanlike race from the Gobi Region.  They were the losers and retreated into the ground where they eventually developed aerial and space technology - from under the ground.  Where there is no sky.

It should be noted that Lacerta claimed that her particular faction of reptiloids know their history thanks to the archeological discovery of a ship's black box whereupon one side of this ancient history was presented to them.  This of course suggests that aerial and space technology was present during the time of this losing battle, but I would need Billy Meier's Pleiadians to take us through time and verify this personally.

As stated before, there are three types of Reptilians:

Type A:These are also known as the "Large Nose Greys", but the connection has not been established to be sure the two are one and the same.  They have pointed ears, wrap around yellow eyes, large noses, a grin that is described as wrapping around their heads, and greyish skin - they are considered to be very human-looking.

Type B: Some abductees claim they resemble the Velicoraptor, which did not achieve widespread fame until the Jurassic Park movies.  Apparently they also have a hideous odor.

Type C:  Unfortunately, there is no information at this time.

Apparently, their concern with the human race has to do with bloodline.  Most if not all abductees who are subjected to the reptilian agenda have ancestral roots extending to India and the first Americans.  This unhealthy concern for family has no real explanation.  The only consistent thing regarding the Reptilian Agenda is that they are still at war with the other humanoid races, including mankind, and seek to dominate this planet.

One of the most famous encounters with the reptilians happened when Phil Schneider, working for the government as a civilian geologist, was involved with cutting underground tunnels in Dulce.  He and his team apparently cut into a tunnel which contained several reptilians.  After a fierce firefight, he was shot with one of their laser weapons and carried deep, gaping scar to show people until he was assassinated in 1999.  He was the sole survivor of that encounter. 

Encounters and continuous interaction between humans and reptile-like beings can be found in ancient myths.  Reptilians are very significant in the legends of India and Tibet, where ancient man considered them to be the "demoniacal" dwellers of an underground land. Some experts say that the ancient Hebrew texts refer to Eden's serpent as "Nachash", which is a hominid, intelligent reptile.  To support this, the Bible states that Nachash lost his limbs *after* his encounter with Eve. 

In Africa, the Dogons believe Sirius is the home of a reptilian race of humanoids they regard as gods or godlike.  In South America, the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl was a law-bearer and culture-giver. For some Native Americans, mankind dwelled underground with the reptiles and were the ones to emerge from under the soil, or they went to live under the ground with the "ant people" in order to escape the Great Flood.  Some alternative researchers connect the Reptilians with the Elohim, and even Adolph Hitler had a fascination with them.  In Mein Kampf, he mentions meeting the "supermen" in an underground base and that their eyes "were fierce, and I was afraid".

The author of this page possesses a BA in anthropology and has complied this information using her brain, honed sarcasm, training, and various resources.  Her analysis on the aliens themselves are personal theories based on available evidence and are subject to change without notice.  She is also a contactee and not afraid to say it.  This page was last updated August 20, 2007.  If you believe in her cause, please donate to through Paypal so that she can pay for this website and do the things you enjoy watching her do.