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We are Otherkin, hear us... talk.... a... lot....

Yes, you have come to the article collection page.... where you will find links to articles stored here on this website and in other places.  Please, submit if you have something to share!  Just email to do so.

And here lie...

And what is an Otherkin?




This section is mini-responses to various... well, let's just say "not so nice" things said around the web.  The webmistress will not have much time to respond to many... it's just that this one mildly irritated her:

In response to:

You know, I don't care about the sarcasm. Who cares what people think? Except for the accusations that most of us can't hold jobs (most of the 'kin I know are more stable and have held jobs longer then most mundanes I know) or are fat (most of the kin I know are actually kind of thin and I myself am losing a lot of weight alarmingly)... it's the picture they chose for the article.  Let them make fun; it shows their small little pointy minds and let's me know how wide a berth to give them on a good day.  But, they could choose a different picture.

One of those little dragons flipping around in that picture - playing, mind you, like so many people play at other things in real life - is deceased.  It really bothers me that his picture is up on the web like that, to represent the words that webwriter chose, while he's not even around to defend himself. The last I checked, this was dishonorable.

But who'm I... I barely knew the guy.  I don't get along with his brother at all.  Still.... I think Encyclopedia Dramatica could choose a different picture and still get the same, desired effect.