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This page is really out of date and I stopped paying fees to keep the popups off a long long time ago. In fact, I've since left the Otherkin community altogether as I believe that path has an incredibly limited worldview and is laced with too many predators standing alongside the road.

Kinsouth itself has been largely renamed the "Allthing" - although we still tend to call it Kinsouth. It's location tends to move around from place to place, but even if we had the gather in Canada we'd probably still call it Kinsouth.

It is still held in October, but it no longer is centered around only Otherkin. It remains a family affair and, I must stress here, it is NOT a sex fest as many people who come to the Otherkin path seem to be looking for. Drugs are also still not welcome, especially illegal ones. Not even "natural" ones.

Kinsouth's current home can be found here:

There are many parts of this particular website we are also in the process of moving over to Thingstead.