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Volunteers, Unite!

If you're looking for or to share a ride to Jacksonville, click this link to see the car pool page.  If you are driving yourself, please consider volunteering your vehicle to carpool.  It will save on money, and help the environment via less pollution.  If you would like your name on the list, contact me.


Every Saturday, we try to have a "traditional" dish cooked by one "head cook" volunteer.  One year we had roast dragon.  Another year we had fried angel wings.  The special dish is decided upon by whomever has volunteered to make the meal, keeping guest allergies in mind.

We're encouraging people to either cook a single dish for the Saturday night feast (an important part of the gather), or group together to use their fire and make the "traditional" dish.  If you would like to help out, please contact the hostess to be put on the chart!


Making what?

Contact Info?

Blue (our hostess) flaming phoenixes, an appetite

We are also in need of peacekeepers, ritual leaders, childcare helpers (if younger children attend), and workshop leaders.  If you're interested in participating in any of these things, please contact the hostess to volunteer.