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The Rules We Camp By

Kinsouth is based on a single powwow rule: leave your issues at the door.

We don't mean that, suddenly, you must be cured of diabetes or no longer be afraid of the dark.  What we mean is that if someone you don't like is attending, and you want to show your ass or cause drama in any way then you won't be welcome.  It's nothing against you, really.  We just want to have a good time, and no matter how much we like you if you're causing a bad scene, then you're ruining things for everyone.

There are other rules, of course.  Most of them have to do with the park, which are listed at the registration website.  The rest are as follows:

  1. Be nice. Be fair.  Be open-minded.  Respect other people's paradigms, and other parts of the Golden Rule.
  2. As stated previously, leave your feuds at the door. This is a time of peace and bond-forming.  Do not arrive seeking trouble... We have stories we tell around the campfire of previous troublemakers and how they were shunned, left early and in some cases... well.... karma can be a real bitch. So don't do it.
  3. CHILDREN ARE WELCOME!  Does it need to be explained how the children are our future, and the best way for them to learn our ways is to let them live them?  (As well as to help them to avoid the confusion YOU felt when they Awaken?)
  4.  No illegal substances.  Period.  This is not just because the hostess has no desire to go to jail right now.  NOR DOES SHE FEEL LIKE HAVING HER CHILDREN TAKEN FROM HER BECAUSE SOME ASSHAT CAN'T RESPECT THE PEOPLE AROUND HIM!  Oh hell, who are we kidding? We're supposed to be gathering together as friends... a friend would not chance ruining another friend's career just because they want to puff something.  Also, believe it or not, being around such things causes some people to have allergic reactions.  Also, not everyone's psychic awareness is enhanced by being stoned stupid silly.  In fact, most people just think it is.  And if you think doing it alone in the woods won't effect everyone else, think again.  Kinsouth is a METAPHYSICAL gather, which means you are all linked.  So.  This rule is strictly enforced.  If you can't leave the stuff at home for two little nights, then you have a serious problem and need to seek professional help.  Let us put this another way: if you don't think we won't call the police and have you arrested, you've another think coming.  RESPECT US.  RESPECT THE RITUALS AT THIS GATHER.  It's only two fucking NIGHTS you fucking addicted, weak assholes!  JESUS!!!  No illegal substances!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Blunt weaponry such as one would find at LARPs or recreation societies are welcome and encouraged for hours of fun play and bruisery.  Sharp weaponry must be kept put away unless being shown off.  This is because the hostess has no desire to see the grass stained red.  Besides, the park frowns on things like that.
  6. All psychic vampires must feed from willing donors ONLY.
  7. Loosen up and be prepared to play metaphysical as well as mundane games should the occasion arise. Yes, we said "LOOSEN UP."  Don't worry about people discovering you're the umpty-ninetheenth yet ONLY heir to the throne.  Don't freak out if someone looks at you and realizes you're not a dragon but, in actuality, a super-powered elven sorceror.  The truth is, most people have their heads so far up their asses they don't give a damn who you are.  They're too busy trying to find out the truth about who THEY are.  So give it a rest, folks, and don't be a party pooper.
  8. More rules will be added and implemented should the unfortunate need arise.  Doesn't that just suck?


Those that come to start trouble will need to be removed.  We will have park rangers to do it, if necessary.  OR... we will.... shun you.....  *shifty eyes*