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When people get muddy

Kinsouth is a nonprofit event.  What I mean is, you don't pay an entrance fee to the hostess unless you use her to register a camping site.  (Please don't do that. She feels so used when you do.) It's the park, I tell you, the park that's making a killing off of us.  We're just the instrument, an instrument for DOOM!

So, what is Kinsouth exactly?  It's a gather, a set time when those of us who are part of the Otherkin sub-community (or just want to have a fun time with metaphysical folks) take a weekend to drive into the heat of the forest and hang around one another. It's not exactly nothing but fun and games, but it's not exactly straight-faced learning. It's... well... it's...  Uh....  It has goofing around, it has games, once in a while we'll get lucky and have a workshop... but most of all, it has comrades.  Usually with arms. Two.

Do you know what an Otherkin is? Have you stumbled upon this website while surfing the net, looking for information on lederhosen?  An Otherkin, my dear, is a person just like the rest of the people in the world.  They just feel set apart from the rest of humanity, many times to the point that they'll deny even being human.  Their reasons are varied: some have physical differences, some have past lives, and some are even extraterrestrial beings.  The thing they have in common - that of being different - is what has brought them together.  Kinsouth is but one of many gathers held nationwide where they come to be with the others.

Lots of things can happen at a gather, and Kinsouth is no exception.  At Kinsouth, Saturday night is the traditional night set aside for the camp ritual and weekend Thingie.  There are sometimes games, many of which strengthen one's metaphysical skills and awareness. Folks dress up in formal gowns and fairy wings.  There are chats, workshops, and general hanging out and goofing off.  It's all in the crowd.  The crowd!

Yes, it's for fun, and it's also for spiritual work.  All kinds are welcome from druids to werewolves to aliens from outer space.  Come and represent your path!


Question: There are five of us attending this year, and the hostess says it's costing herself $65 to go. So, will it be $65 for all five of us? Or more?

Answer: Talbot Island charges by spot, not by head, with up to eight people staying in each reserved space. Thus, if one person stays in space 14 at $20 a night, then it will cost $20 a night.  If five people stay in space 14 for a night, it will still cost $20 for that night.  Incidentally, I have no clue if $20 is an accurate number. I advise you to check out the Talbot Island website.

Question: On average, how many people attends each gathering?

Answer: My, how rude! Either you come or you don't - we're not a social climbing function.  BUT, if you must know it varies. The largest gathering has twenty attendees.  This year might be more, might be less.

Question: Do many people bring their children?

Answer: The hostess has been a single mother and powwow attendee for twelve years. Her children always attend.  Furthermore, Kinsouth is meant to be family friendly - which is one reason why illegal substances are not welcome.  We love the pitter patter of tiny little feet - from something other than Keebler elves, that is.

Question: How close is it to the beach?

Answer: A short walk if you go to the other side of the park.  A four minute drive if you want to use your car.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email with them!

Those that come to start trouble will need to be removed.  We will have park rangers to do it, if necessary.  OR... we will.... shun you.....  *shifty eyes*