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What is a soul mate?  We all have our personal definitions.  Overall, it is generally agreed upon that a soul mate is your soul's ideal partner, or other half.  Some feel that true happiness can never be found without one, and the search for one's soul mate can take several reincarnations. 

Here are some things to help that quest along. For more information about soul mates, we recommend this link:

Best worked Friday night on a full moon.

You will need a sheet of paper and a pen, white candle, rose oil (rose leaves in a bowl of water can be a good substitute), and a dream altar stone. 

Write the aspects you would like your soul mate to have while visualizing him or her.  Light candle.  While staring into the flame, concentrate on each aspect coming to life inside the fire.  Say:

  • Who is my soul mate?
  • Where can they be?
  • Show my soul mate to me.

Take the stone from your altar, hold it in your receiving hand, and lie in bed. Get comfie, and visualize lighting your candle.  Repeat the words to yourself.  Imagine yourself entering the flame as if it were a door while allowing the candle to burn away safely. 

In the morning, record your dreams!


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