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Ash Love Charm

of Medieval origin (if not older)

Need: An even number of ash leaflets
Wait with leaf in hand, ready to throw it to likely mate as he walks by.  Say:

This even-ash I double in three

The first man I meet my true love shall be;
If he be married let him pass by
But if he be single, let him draw nigh.

or you can say:

The even-ash-leaf in my hand
The first I meet shall be my man.


Birch Love Charm

Need: red ink, Birch Tree (alive, of course)
Carefully gather strips of the bark of a birch tree at New Moon.  With ink, write on a strip:

Bring me true love

Burn strip along with a love incense, saying:

Goddess of Love, God of Desire
Bring me sweet passion's fire.

The specific name of a god/goddess may be added.  Or you can cast the bark into a stream or other flowing water and say:

Message of love, I set you free to capture a love and return to me.

The Cowslip Love Oracle - being a really really old old old form of hackysack

When the cowslip is in full bloom, gather your blossoms and form them into a ball. This is called a 'cucking ball.'

Find someone to play with and throw the ball to one another while saying:

Titsy totsy tell me true
Who shall I be married to

You should then have a vision of or perhaps even meet your true love.

Love Charm with Ivy

If a girl wants to know who her future spouse will be, she carries a sprig of ivy next to her heart on the first day of the new year.  She is destined to marry the first man she speaks to.

Bull Soup

Mix the powdered genitalia of a timid bull, lettuce, and puseane for a powerful aphrodisiac soup. 

(I suspect the lettuce has nothing to do with this save to dispel suspicion by adding the element of something normally eaten.)

Periwinkle Love Potion - not a real spell as periwinkles are poisonous. This is just medieval lore.

Make a soup of periwinkle, houseleek, and earthworms.  Ingredient amounts can vary, so long as they are all included.

The couple should eat this together in order to bring love between them.


Love Potion

Mix together: A handful of asters, sage, some rosemary, yellow rice, caraway seed, and basil.

Put in something special that reminds you of love, (like red rose petals) some witch hazel, (if you can get some,) and a piece of rose quartz for a charge. Add a small bit of water, and a pinch of cinnamon. Some unscented baby oil (or any light weight unscented non food related oil) makes this a good bath and body oil.

submitted by Seri

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